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Wallace Point Farm

​Our piece of paradise is situated on the confluence of the Avon and the Kennetcook Rivers, in central Nova Scotia.  We have the pleasure of experiencing the unbelievable tidal swings that this portion of NS is known for.  Twice each day, the Minas Basin moves more water in and out than exists in all of the fresh water rivers of the world.  We see our bay go through two complete tidal cycles each 12 hours, 24 minutes.  Several of the neighboring rivers provide for the viewing of tidal bores, where the incoming tide pushes up and over the existing waters of these rivers.  

Our farm has over a mile of beach readily available to us.  These beaches are filled with fossils, some dating back further than any found elsewhere in the world.  

We also have many miles of riding and driving trails on this farm.  We can easily take a two hour ride or a one hour drive before we retrace any of our trails.  

Our property was at one time an active apple farm.  Ship building was a strong local industry.  Ships filled with our apples would leave our property with the next destination being England.  The war saw the export of the crop from our farm and the result was that this farm reverted back to a multi-species forest.  

We have now developed this farm to an equine property.  We also raise grapes for the local wine industry.