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Fjords are more than pasture ornaments to us.  They are happiest when they have a purpose and a mission, much in the same way that humans interact with life.  Fjords are willing and capable partners who will do anything to satisfy us. 

While driving is a primary activity on our farm, we believe in continued training in the area most suited to the individual fjord.  As such, at any one time, several of our horses may be away for training or eventing.  Some are very proficient at hunter-jumper, others at ridden dressage, while those that remain on the farm receive training under harness. 

While on our former farm in MN, Twin Springs Fjords, we focused on the identifying and creating our herd with the purpose of becoming a quality provider of sport fjords.  With our relocation to Nova Scotia, we are now initiating our breeding program in earnest. We are comfortable that we have amassed a herd of mares that will continue to create offspring with good minds and athletic means that will be provided the initial training to fulfill these potential talents.  

So, if you are looking for a fjord that has been created with use in mind and has had a start in life that should ensure a long and healthy life of performance, look no further.  Feel free to contact us with your needs and we will do our best to make the right match for you.