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TSF Tarja, brown dun
Wags O'Thorson x Iduna Acres Gunda Mai
DOB  April 14, 2007

Tarja is a gorgeous mare with very feminine looks.  She has been trained under saddle and in harness.  She is very athletic, with a rapid turnover in both her walk and trot.  She loves to canter.  Tarja will be a quality performance mare and is now ready for the start of her show career.  She has turned the heads of every visitor to the farm.  
Tarja on left, Terje on right
TSF Terje, brown dun
Fair Acres Ole x A2Z Agnetta
DOB  April 15, 2007

Terje is an extremely willing mare with super gaits.  She has been trained under saddle and in harness.  She has very good extension and excellent reach. Terje has a very comfortable jog and enjoys riding at that pace indefinitely.  She loves all disciplines.  She is very willing to try new challenges while not showing one bit of concern when presented with new requests.  
TSF Sjofn, brown dun
Blaaman x BDF Philippine
DOB  July 10, 2008
Consigned for sale at Ironwood Farm, VA

Sjofn is a charming 3-year old filly that appears as though she will mature at around 13.3 hh. She has all of the quality movement she was bred for and exceeds both under saddle and in harness.  She was a very fast learner and should easily adapt to whatever strength is asked of her.  Sjofn is a wonderful prospect for someone looking  a high quality mare.  
Please contact us for full sales list.  We are thinning our herd in anticipation of a significant breeding season with multiple foals due in 2014.  We are offering six geldings, a stud colt, and seven mares for sale so that we can focus on the further development of our herd.  All stock are trained under saddle and in harness.  Ages range from two to seventeen...all excellent bloodlines, temperaments, and abilities.  You won't find a better selection of great fjords in one location!