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A2Z Thorson x Perle
DOB  May16, 2018

Noomi is the fourth of this combination that create fjords with wonderful movement and inquisitive personalities.  She has a very nice lift to her movement.  
Tordenmann x Tarja
DOB  June 03, 2017

Aase is a gorgeous, statuesque fjord whose heritage is deep with athletic fjords.  She stands taller than her herd-mates, several two and three years older.  If she ever leaves our farm, she will make someone a great partner.  We may keep her here for future breeding opportunities.   
A2Z Thorson x Perle
DOB  May 01, 2016

Hansje is the third of this combination that continues to create fjords who are very willing and very forward in their movement.  She will continue in her groundwork training this summer as she continues to mature into a very desirable partner. 
Please contact us for specific information on our herd.  We enjoy doing our part to improve the breed and, given our geographic location, often accumulate the young stock until we have enough to deliver to market for placement with the best homes.  We enjoy the assistance of interns who come from Europe each summer to aid in the conditioning of our herd and in the development of our younger fjords. These pictures were taken summer of 2018.  I don't believe you will find a better selection of well-bred, athletic fjords in one location!
A2Z Thorson x Trollius
DOB  July 28, 2018

Thorby is another the third of this combination and appears to have the greatest action in his trot.  He is head high in his movement and should become a fine performance fjord.   
Syncronized foals...Noomi and her 
mini-me, Thorbjorn, growing in tandem.  

So tall at day two that she had to contort herself to get Tarja's milk.  

A2Z Thorson x Trollius
DOB  May 25, 2016

Hirsje is the second of this combination that continues to give us fjords with charming personalities and solid athletic foundations.  She will continue in her groundwork training this summer as she continues to mature into a very desirable partner. 
A2Z Thorson x Trollius
DOB  August 14, 2014

Mo was the initial result of this combination.  We immediately fell in love with him.  He embodies that 'pocket fjord' phrase.  He is now a gelding who has had some additional attention and shows us that he has significant potential.  His movement is fluid and graceful.  We look forward to seeing him advance his skills with his new purpose in life.  He awaits the perfect partner to start this adventure.  
Tordenmann x Tarja
DOB  August 03, 2014

Toivo was the first of this athletic combination.  He remains a stallion, as he carries forward all of the wonderful athleticism of his sire and dam.  Like the mare that followed, he is built for athleticism and has matured earlier than many of our other fjords.  He will make someone a nice stallion or can be gelded and used for his athletic ways.  He is a good guy who knew his purpose before he was a year.  He has lived with several of our geldings and is enjoyed by those who exercise him.   
Haakon Magnus
A2Z Thorson x Perle
DOB  June 01, 2011

Haakon is a gelding who has completed his basic training.  He is still exercised for conditioning as he awaits placement in his forever home.  Those of you who have followed our fjords will recall that he suffered a catastrophic accident when he was 30-days old.  By some method that remains unclear to us, he suffered a cut to the bone on his left hind shin.  He was rushed to the hospital where he spent five weeks with his dam.  They performed surgery and followed with skin grafts to bring him back to the tremendous fjord we knew he would be.  He returned home where we changed his 7-layer bandage every day for the next ten months until he was healed enough to be able to run freely in our fields.  He is our bubble-wrap boy, for that is what we wished he was wrapped in that Canada Day morn.  The end result is that the tendon that prevents his hoof from hyper-extension was destroyed.  Fortunately, the tendons that reside on laterally to this tendon took over and he now runs freely.  The only indication of this error is a significant scar on his shin (absence of good fur) and a bit of an unusual flip of the hoof as he moves.  It does not appear to impede him in any way, but it is unlike the normal movement of that leg.  It would be my recommendation (not requirement) that he find a home with a therapeutic riding facility.  He enjoys daily work and is very predictably calm.  We credit this to the heavy human handling in his early years.