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Wallace Point is the culmination of a lifelong dream for us.  We had a wonderful farm in Minnesota, Twin Springs Fjords, when we spent a fateful holiday in Nova Scotia.  All it took was one trip for us to realize we needed to relocate ourselves and our herd to this special place.  After an exhaustive search, we successfully located a magical farm in Nova Scotia that fulfills all of our needs and, more importantly, the needs of our herd.  We migrated our herd of 14 to our new farm in October of 2008 and have enjoyed each day here more than the last.

Our goal, now that we are settled, is to use our hand-picked herd to create and train Fjord Horses that will provide genuine value to those fortunate enough to recognize that European quality fjords can be found in North America.  

We have also joined with other choice Nova Scotian Fjord Horse farms to create Nova Fjords.  While each farm remains independent in its operation, we are working toward the goal of spreading the awareness of the Nova Scotian bred and raised Fjord Horse through a singular site.  Nova Fjords is also attempting to increase awareness of the breed by commissioning artwork from the vast supply of provincial artists.  Use the Nova Fjords website to shop for a horse, shop for a unique piece of art, or to look for a reason to experience the wonderment of Nova Scotia.  

Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit!

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