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Wallace Point is the culmination of a lifelong dream for us.  We had a wonderful farm in Minnesota, Twin Springs Fjords, when we spent a fateful holiday in Nova Scotia.  All it took was one trip for us to realize we needed to relocate ourselves and our herd to this special place.  After an exhaustive search, we successfully located a magical farm in Nova Scotia that fulfills all of our needs and, more importantly, the needs of our herd.  We migrated our herd of 14 to our new farm in October of 2008 and have enjoyed each day here more than the last.

Our goal, now that we are settled, is to use our hand-picked herd to create and train Fjord Horses that will provide genuine value to those fortunate enough to recognize that European quality fjords can be found in North America.  

One of our first tasks once here was to build an indoor arena.  This has proven an invaluable resource for the year-round training and exercising of our herd.  At the same time we built a very sturdy round pen.  We hold periodic clinics on site and also offer many miles of riding and driving trails that wander throughout our 160 acre farm.  

We breed, train, and sell fjords that are intended to improve upon the athleticism of the breed.  All of our fjords are trained in multiple disciplines.  

Our farm is always welcoming to fjord enthusiasts.  ​We truly look forward to sharing our herd and our farm with you.  If you are fortunate (like us) you may come for a visit and stay for a lifetime!  

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